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Ongoing Efforts

Ongoing Efforts

As part of our purpose to conserve and enhance the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, Stellwagen Alive! focuses on 3 key areas:

  • Preservation & Cleanup
  • Research & Programs
  • Education & Outreach

We have a number of current projects in which you can get involved, including:   

Stellwagen Sweep

For unwary marine life, abandoned or "ghost gear" from fishing poses a life-threatening hazard. So in 2008, Stellwagen Alive! sought the help of local New England fishermen to remove and recycle debris from the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary. The results surprised even us!

Read more about Stellwagen Sweep

Acoustic Validation Study

Since 2007, scientists have been working to monitor and map the underwater acoustic environment of the Sanctuary and evaluate its impact on marine animals. Using a large-scale ocean observing system, this project builds on previous efforts to assess the contributions of sound sources to the sanctuary's total "noise budget."

Read more about the Acoustic Validation Study

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